Games industry

PlayCanvas is the world's leading WebGL game engine. It is used by studios large and small to create desktop and mobile browser games. If your current engine has poor support for WebGL, particularly on mobile, then look no further.

Mobile optimized
The PlayCanvas Engine gives incredible performance, even on devices such as the iPhone 4S
Zero compile time
PlayCanvas is a JavaScript game engine so there is no 'compile' step meaning you can iterate quickly
Easy debugging and profiling
Use your browser's developer tools to trivially debug and profile your applications
Tiny engine footprint
The PlayCanvas Engine has a tiny footprint that loads and executes incredibly quickly

Facebook instant games

Create Instant Games for Facebook News Feed or Messenger using PlayCanvas. Make the most advanced and beautiful HTML5/WebGL games and publish them to over 1.79 billion players on Facebook and over 1 billion players on Messenger. Facebook Instant Games can now be developed by anybody so get started today!

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